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Shift Paradigms: Wherever Whenever Campaign


Many mothers in the US don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Maine is no exception. There are, however, many organizations that support breastfeeding in their establishments, but needed an easy way to make moms feel comfortable–and let other patrons know that breastfeeding support is their priority. 


We were hired to work on the creative end of a campaign to promote the public support of breastfeeding that could be embraced by establishments by the use of tool kits targeting both patrons and employees. 


We collaborated with state and regional stakeholders–and participated in focus groups and online surveys–to determine which messages resonated best and what mediums would work best to target our audience.


With an abundance of stakeholder input, our challenge was to prioritize the most salient ideas and craft clear messaging to address them in very simple language.


Our messaging featured the many ways “we all benefit” including the more global economic and environmental benefits we all share when more moms are able to breastfeed “wherever and whenever” they need to.

For the design, we altered the national breastfeeding logo by incorporating softer fonts and colors to designate this as an engaging baby-friendly message. 


Our tool kits included a logo and door cling, outreach postcard, wallet card, booth graphics, website, campaign posters, informational materials for employees, and a template for future communications.


We All Benefit is currently tackling breastfeeding support for working moms, namely pumping in the workplace. 

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 “I love working with Jodie. We’re both terribly busy, but whenever we can carve out an afternoon for a co-working session, Jodie brings support and encouragement and we accomplish great things, have a lot of fun, and get a tremendous amount accomplished.”

–Zoe Miller, We All Benefit Campaign Director, Opportunity Alliance

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