Before your project is defined–before you decide that you need a series of e-brochures, a marketing campaign, or a new tagline–you need a creative partner at the table. Best practices in marketing and design recommend creative partners work together from the very beginning. When creatives are involved, your results are compounded and your business objectives are exceeded.

The latest marketing-speak calls this “design thinking,” but it’s just common sense at LapchickCo. With our natural questioning curiosity, out-of-the-box thinking, and experience in almost every aspect of marketing, design thinking comes instinctively and employs the ability to approach client objectives from multiple points of view at once. 

Design thinking puts us on the lookout for opportunities to call added attention to your brand. This approach improves results, increases value, and maximizes efficiencies. Our many years of experience allows us to continue to maximize efficiencies by considering logistics throughout the creative process in order to keep things on track. 

In addition, the LapchickCo model eliminates many of the layers of overhead found in other design firms or agencies. We tailor a team specifically to meet the needs of each client, including the support and incorporation of our clients’ in-house capabilities. So we are qualified to produce–or curate–the requisite creative faster, leaner, and more responsively to the actual needs of the client.

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1 : The Wish-List.
We determine what’s on your wish-list and how much you want to invest in fulfilling that dream. This is just a starting point, but it’s critical to moving forward. (And relax–we’ll figure this all out together!)

2 : Carrier Pigeons?
We invest a bit of time establishing the best ways for us to communicate. (Much of getting what you need from your designer is about solid communication.)

3 : What Can You Do?
We evaluate your in-house capabilities to find ways we might stretch your budget if necessary.

4 : Laying the Groundwork.
We dive into whatever type of research (market research, competitive research, design research, etc.) we determine is necessary.

5 : The Nitty-Gritty.
I dig deep into your objectives, help you refine your wish list, nail down costs, and create a schedule.

6 : Creating Big Ideas.
With the groundwork laid, the big ideas start flowing. My job is to choose the best of the best ideas and bring them forward.

7 : The Fun Stuff.
I present concepts. We weigh ideas, discuss revisions, consider practical matters, and determine next steps.

8 : What do You Think?
Then I pull it all together, taking all your feedback into consideration. We go back and forth a few times.

9 : Making Magic.
We finalize next steps and a delivery date and I work on production.

10 : Final Files are Delivered.
We go for a beer and celebrate!