Jodie Lapchick has been a creative force behind effective brand development and marketing efforts in Maine and New England for more than 25 years. 

She has provided businesses and organizations with memorable, effective visual identities that form a vital cornerstone of client brands and long-lasting relationships with the people, businesses, and communities they serve. 

With her most recent and most successful venture, LapchickCo, based in Portland, Maine, Jodie has found new ways to apply her wide-ranging experience, skills, and enthusiasms in the service of her clients, with a primary — but by no means exclusive — focus on nonprofit and healthcare organizations. 

From the initial conversation to final approvals, Jodie’s knowledge and personalized attention ensure that her clients’ needs are met every step of the way. Jodie will help you discover the best opportunities to engage your audience and propose the most creative and cost-effective solutions to meet them — even if you’ve never thought about marketing before. Then, based on your internal resources, she will customize a plan of action and deliverables for you. 

“By tailoring her recommendations to our capabilities, Jodie provided tools we could easily alter to meet our needs.” 

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