August 18, 2016

Get out there. NOW.

If you’re on the sales side of marketing, you’re probably telling yourself that you can’t get a whole lot done until after Labor Day. Everyone's busy with their summer plans, right?

Sort of. But lucky for you, all your competitors are telling themselves the same thing. This leads to a total bombardment of all the weary decision-makers come September–where your message can easily get lost.
If you get out there now, you’re not going to close any deals, but you are going to get yourself to the top of the list of your ready prospects. You need to be subtle but firm, short and to the point. Even if the point is just to wish someone you’ve already established a relationship with a Happy Labor Day.
The false assumption your competition is making gives you a chance to get in front of your best prospects before they get overwhelmed with every decision they’ve put off until September.

Think of it as “priming the pump”. Your only goal should be getting the green light to re-connect after the holiday. At that point you can say, “you asked me to give you a call this week” when you contact them again.

So get out there. NOW. And let me know how you do!